The Name

“Vogue: The prevailing fashion, practice, or style.”
“Killer: A formidable or excellent person or thing.”

I’ve been known as MissVogueKiller for the past 4 years or so. I came up with it one day while trying to create a name for my xbox live account. It didn’t have any meaning for me at first, I actually just pieced together two random items I had laying around my room. Firstly, I had kept a french vogue magazine laying on my bedside table from my visit to paris a few months earlier. The second item was an awesome gold plated necklace of a gun on a long chain I had purchased from Adrenaline Tattoos in downtown Toronto. From that MissVogueKiller was born and the name just stuck, I love it now and use it for almost every account I have including instagram and twitter. After years of fighting zombies, killing enemies and posting photos under the name I decided that it began to bring meaning to me.

I’ve been working in fashion for almost 5 years now. I knew nothing about it when I was growing up, I could barely choose matching socks and am not afraid to say that I wore plenty of sweatpants and had a rather large selection of abercrombie and fitch shirts. After so much time in the industry I have gained a lot of knowledge and a new found love for piecing together outfits combining both vintage and new. I love being ahead of the trends and as soon as I see runway looks I immediately attempt to find pieces to recreate the look in my own way. Apart from fashion however I have always been a huge fan of art and design. I mean I could spend hours at an art gallery and one of my favourite stores has got to be home sense. Anything cool and hip I have to have and I thought that sharing it and starting a blog could be a great place where I could show off my findings and a creative side that I feel has been hiding for a long time. MissVogueKiller is loose! Where will she be and what will she find next!?